Friday, December 29, 2006

Appalachian Flutes

My latest craft, or hobby, came about after I had the honor of meeting Running Deer. Not only was this Native American gentleman an accomplished artisan in the creation of Native American Flutes, but also a very entertaining story-teller who does honor to his heritage. Because of my interest in history, early American crafts, and woodworking, making flutes offered an opportunity to cover all areas of interest. Little did I know just how much I would enjoy this new craft. I spent many hours learning about the NA Flute, it's history, design, and sound. I quickly learned that making NA Flutes is a pasttime shared by houndreds, if not thousands of individuals, both of Native American desent, and non-NA desent.

This blog is devoted to my interest in NA Flutes, and my on-going effort to make the best possible, while continuing to get the most enjoyment I can from my woodworking hobby.

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